Chat, Engage and Inform

Across Sectors

Customize your platforms and dApps with messaging and streaming solutions that help everyone stay connected.


End-to-end encrypted chats enabled by SendingNetwork's full stack decentralized features.



Interactions for immersive gaming experiences enabling player-to-player chats to in-game trading.



Collector interactions and real-time insights for dynamic NFT trading platforms to stay up-to-date.



Seamless integrations making blockchain exploration user-friendly, collaborative, and engaging.



Instant notifications and secure communications to build user confidence and a better wallet experience.



Real-time interaction to improve DAO governance, networking, and informed decision-making.


Data Services

Direct communication channels for informed decision-making for businesses and individuals.

Data Services


Customizable solutions for industry-specific needs that improve engagement and operational efficiency.


Real Time Data Notifications

Token gated chats and author-reader interactions for a vibrant reading experience.

Data Insights Sharing

Tailored features for secure and transparent communications across every sector.

Community Engagement

Secure channels for company members to enhance effective outreach.

Direct Communication Channel

Updates and attendee interactactions for organizers looking for seamless events.

Secure Wallet To Wallet Communication

Notifications for significant changes and updates in data sets and analytics.

Blockchain Explorer Chat

Updates and decision-making streamlined for engagement and governance.

Instant Notifications

Platforms for discussion and analysis of data trends for researchers and analysts.

Transaction Alerts

Communication and collaboration facilitation for DAO member community bonding.

Content Platform

Platform for users communication for improved support and reliable transactions.

Customizable Communication Solutions

Alerts for user awareness and interactive rewards for user engagement and activity.

Ticket Platform

Verified project contract address page to join and participate in official communities.

Scarce Share

Enable users to communicate and share insights in real-time on blockchain explorer.

Social Interaction Boost

Notifications for blockchain transactions and changes in wallet statuses in real-time.

Collector Interaction

Facilitate connections between users, creators, and collectors through live chat.

Member Networking

Secure channels for interactions, insight sharing, and market trends discussions.

Market Insights Communication

Real-time visibility of limited-edition NFTs to to encourage exploration and purchase.

Dao Communication

Updates and notifications about NFT market trends, pricing, and rarity analysis.

Group Buying And Friend Assistance

Social kits for user acquisition, participation, and encouraging cooperative play.

Code Red Packets

Diverse reward formats to boost user participation and community engagement.

Audio And Video Chat

Real time conversations between players for immersive gaming collaborations.

Privacy & Security

End-to-end message encryption on all your chats, DM or group chat.

In App Community Management

Token-gated access and holistic growth solutions to nurture your community.

Event Notifications

Event updates to keep players informed about offers, engagements, and releases.

Cross App Interaction

Enable communication between players across apps for an integrated community.

Enhanced Player Communication

Real-time chat for strategy discussions, social interaction, and community building.

Data Ownership

No centralized servers ensure that the users have full control over their Social IDs.