Add Web3 chat & social features effortlessly

Sending.Network is an open, secure web3 communications protocol that powers decentralized user interactions. Let your users chat, discover and transact digital assets seemlessly within and across your applications.

Full Stack Decentralization

Sending.Network is the first high-performance, open Web3 protocol where every component from message data, user ID, to social graph is decentralized.

Open to All

Our SDK is open to all Web3 developers to easily add wallet-to-wallet, DID-to-DID social interactions within or across Dapps and across chains.

Own your Data

Social Graph – All users’ social relationship, and chat group data are controlled by their wallet address and can be stored on- or off-chain. DID – Users are identified by their wallet address, which they maintain full control at all times.

Messaging & File Sharing – All messages are routed through Sending.Network’s P2P infrastructure, Users have the option to select different decentralized (e.g. IPFS, Arweave) storage methods.

Key Features

In-App Chatting

  • Peer-to-Peer Communication
  • Encrypted Large Groups Communications
  • Rich Messages Including texts, files, images, voices, videos and customized messages
  • Push Notification for Offline Users

Decentralized ID

  • Wallet based ID
  • NFT based ID
  • NFT based chatroom

Digital Asset Commerce

  • Token & NFT Airdrops
  • NFT Swaps
  • Group Gifting

Privacy Preservation

  • No Centralized Server
  • End-to-end Encryption for Private & Group Chats
  • Metadata Encryption
  • Data Storage Encryption

Rich Communication

  • Encrypted Voice Calls
  • Encrypted High-Quality Video Calls
  • Multi-User Voice/Video Calls


  • Support iOS, Web, Android clients and more
  • Enable Multiple Devices Online Status

Federated Nodes

  • On-Premise Deployment
  • Private Nodes for Internal Communication
  • Enabled External Communication

Our Vision


Privacy is a fundamental human right. As our identity expands with our online footprint, the power to decide which part of our identity we want to protect and which part to share is non-negotiable.


True self-ownership of our data is only possible with full decentralization of our internet infrastructure. All user-generated data belong to the user and so should storage options.

Open & Permissionless

Web infrastructure, like any infrastructure, is a public good and should be open to anyone to use and contribute to. We welcome everyone to implement, improve and benefit from Sending.Network.


Today’s internet is an internet of walled-gardens.  No amount of regulations can solve the root cause of the data ownership, online identity and privacy problems


October 2022

Communication Decentralization

  • P2P Messaging Implementation
  • iOS/Web SDK
  • Developer Documentation
  • Ethereum Support

Desember 2022

Full Decentralization

  • Litepaper Public Draft
  • Edge Node Operation
  • NFT Based Relations
  • iOS Widget

Q1 2023

Privacy & Performance

  • Public Beta
  • Fast Routing
  • Multi-chain Support
  • Metadata Protection
  • Android SDK
Q2 2023


  • Mainnet Launch
  • Fully Open Source
  • Edge Node Incentives