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Blockchain explorers like Etherscan and Polygonscan have made strides in transaction transparency. However, as the blockchain ecosystem expands its reach into an ever-widening array of use cases, there’s an essential element that has been conspicuously underdeveloped: blockchain-based communication, a messaging function. In this era of increasing adoption and integration of blockchain into our daily lives, it’s time to build a vital bridge between users and their transactions. After all, for blockchain to seamlessly integrate into our world, it needs to speak our language.

Introducing SocialScan

Introducing SocialScan, a ground-breaking product born from the collaboration between Sending Labs and W3W. Here’s a platform that’s not merely a successor to the likes of Etherscan–it’s a SocialFi and GameFi revolution. It’s not just about transferring assets; it’s about understanding the stories and people behind every transaction.

Blockchain explorers have always been the bridge connecting users to their transactions. Yet, traditionally, they’ve offered just a snapshot of a user’s activity, and even that information is hard to read. Otherwise, we use it as no more than a link to validate a transaction. If such explorers are the source of our blockchain interactions, why not use them for every other step in the process?

Enter SocialScan. No longer do we need external platforms to chat about our transactions. Gone are the days of faceless transfers. SocialScan dismantles the barriers of anonymity that once stood tall in the Web3 world, paving the way for a vibrant, interconnected community.

Sent tokens to the wrong address? Message that wallet and come to an agreement. Interested in purchasing an NFT from a particular wallet? Start a conversation. It’s blockchain, humanized.

The engine running this innovation has dual architects. W3W laid down the foundational ‘explorer’ component, ensuring that users could seamlessly monitor transactions. Meanwhile, the Sending Labs brought in the ‘social’ aspect, allowing users to interact, join communities, and truly immerse themselves in the Web3 environment.

How SocialScan Empower Web3 Communities

SocialScan merges the blockchain with social media elements, using wallet addresses as unique user identifiers. This facilitates genuine Web3 communities with potential token-gated access.

Consider the possibilities:

  • NFT enthusiasts can trace the story behind a token, engage with collectors, or even negotiate prices on the go.
  • Gaming aficionados can identify high-value players, analyze player profiles. They can then directly communicate with them through messaging, discuss assets, explore others’ achievements in different games and find mutual interests, forge digital friendships. Players can access token-gated chats of events, share experiences, and stay connected with new friends. Creating and fostering those relationships will also allow GameFi projects to attract more players.
  • Developers and contract parties can clarify, invoice, and communicate without ever leaving the blockchain environment

In our increasingly digital world, personal connections matter more than ever. SocialScan is not just another platform; it’s a bridge between numbers and narratives, assets and associations.

While tools like Whale Alert provide insight into these large transactions, SocialScan offers an expanded view. Users can track these influential wallets, their NFT and gaming trades, offering a clearer picture of their activities in the crypto world. One can see the categories of NFT holders, i.e. “Whale”, “Blue Chip Holder” “Notable NFT Investor”.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Soon, SocialScan will further blur the lines between transactional and conversational, with a feature that allows in-chat token swaps.

Support isn’t limited either. With compatibility ranging from Ethereum to Polygon, Mantle Network, Linea, and even ZetaChain, SocialScan stands poised to redefine how a multitude of users perceive and interact with blockchain.

As we stand on the brink of this new era, it’s clear: The Web3 community of the future will reside directly at the heart of the blockchain. Projects, coin launches, NFT communities, and marketplaces will all migrate to where they should have been in the first place: the blockchain explorer. 

Advertising, marketing agencies, and publications will all be looking for ways to promote and expand their reach here. New industries and use-cases will pop up out of nowhere. Every Public Relations pitch deck will have “SocialScan Community Growth” as their top offering. Discord, Telegram and the former Twitter, with the barriers, abstractions, and complications that come from residing at a remove from the source, will all become secondary.

And this evolution was only natural. It was only a matter of time before Web3 stood on its own two feet.

Start using SocialScan here

Screenshot of the SocialScan blockchain explorer interface

Screenshot of the Polygon zkEVM blockchain explorer interface with a new wallet-to-wallet “Message” function developed by Sending Labs and W3W, commissioned by Polygon.

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